New Talks in 2023: Identity, Security, and Measuring Developer Relations

It’s 2023, and it’s time for a new presentation repertoire! Here are the talks I plan to create and deliver *new* this year.

Identity & Security: The Missing Manual

Abstract: App engineering sprints have already started, and you’ve been tasked with securing your app’s users and APIs. You need to start building NOW: in the real world, there’s often not enough time to sit around to thoroughly research authentication, authorization, identity management, and security beforehand. So where do you even start? How can you ramp up on the go so you don’t miss your sprint goals — while still ensuring you’re doing everything right? Auth and security are high stakes: do the wrong thing, and you put your users and your company in jeopardy. In this session, you’ll learn practical auth and identity skills “on the job.” This is the Identity and Security Missing Manual: learn to navigate through the concepts and jargon, choose the right auth flows for your architecture, and rapidly make informed choices to keep your users and data safe.

Presentation Length: Estimated 30, 45, or 60 minutes

Format: Regular session

How to Measure (and Communicate) the Business Value of Developer Relations

Abstract: Measuring Developer Relations has been a topic of confusion and debate for years, and there are many philosophies and hundreds of KPIs and metrics we can track — but how do we put it all together to explain the business value (in financial potential) to company stakeholders in simple, impactful terms? I will share my Keystone DevRel Metrics framework, a robust and thorough method for measuring and communicating the actual business value of Developer Relations.

Presentation Length: Estimated 15, 30, or 45 minutes

Formats: Keynote, Lightning talk, Regular session

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