How to Connect with Your Developer Audience

Let’s dig into the developer audience and what developers are looking for when we evaluate products, technologies, and even the very companies that market to us. How can Developer Relations teams form a positive and lasting connection with their developer audience?

Signing and Validating JSON Web Tokens (JWT) For Everyone

When I started learning about JSON Web Tokens, there were some things that were straightforward to understand — and some concepts that felt like “hidden secrets” of JWT lore. 🧙‍♂️

This article aims to demystify signing and validating JSON Web Tokens, with little need for security or cryptography knowledge.

Authorization and Authentication for Everyone

Authentication and authorization are necessary for many of the applications we build. Maybe you’ve developed apps and implemented authentication and authorization in them — possibly by importing a third party auth library or by using an identity platform.

Maybe you got the job done, but you really weren’t clear on what was happening behind the scenes, or why things were being done a certain way. If you’d like to build a foundational understanding of what goes on behind the scenes when using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards, read on!

What is Developer Relations?

The goal of this article is to provide an explainer sharing my thoughts on what Developer Relations is, what its core tenets are, and what important questions DevRel works to provide answers to.

7 Tips for Career Advancement and Personal Fulfillment

We work in tech and we live in the intensively social age of the internet. We have demanding jobs. We’re constantly immersed in a sea of information. A lot of that information is news about new tech and updates from people in our extended networks.

How do we achieve a balance between hard-driving career growth and happiness and fulfillment at the same time?

How to Maximize Value at Tech Conferences (as an Introvert)

This is not a “survival guide.” I considered the title of this post carefully. If all I wanted was for you to simply not die at a tech conference, there are plenty other articles out there for that. This is a post about how you can get the most value out of conferences.