Kim Maida

Kim Maida

Short Bio

Kim is a Developer Relations and Developer Experience leader and strategist, JS operations engineer, international public speaker, and identity and security practitioner. She enjoys teaching, mentoring, and learning from folks in the product technology space. Kim is currently the Group Manager of Developer Content Strategy at Okta, and is a Google Developer Expert in Identity. She loves to travel, overland cross-country, design stickers, and craft miniatures and artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

Long Bio

Kim is an experienced Developer Experience strategist, with expertise leading executive Developer Relations at product companies in both SaaS and Open Source. She created the Keystone DevRel Metrics framework for measuring and communicating the business value of Developer Relations, as well as the Developer Empowerment Flywheel for growing developer engagement sustainably at scale. Kim is the Group Manager of Developer Content Strategy at Okta, and is a Google Developer Expert in Identity. Operations engineering holds strong interest for Kim, and she builds open source Slack applications to measure and automate workflows and processes.

Kim is a former Animal Behavior & Neurobiology biologist who taught herself to code and built freelance full-stack web applications through high school and college to pay the bills. Halfway through her second degree (Human Biology and Dietetics), she officially departed bioscience to shift to programming full-time. Kim has worked in and led teams in application engineering, engineering management, developer content, community, developer advocacy, developer marketing, and developer experience.

Kim enjoys mentoring developers from under-represented groups who are interested in developer experience, career acceleration, and executive leadership. She loves to travel the world, and enjoys overlanding and 4×4 roadtrips with her family. As a hobby and side gig, she designs custom vinyl stickers and crafts detailed, realistic miniatures, jewelry, and artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

Contact Me

If you’d like to chat, connect with me on Mastodon at @ , LinkedIn at kimmaida, or by email at .

Explore my open source code (and Slack apps) available on GitHub at @kmaida.

Check out my past and upcoming Speaking Events.

I make detailed, realistic miniatures, dioramas, jewelry, vinyl stickers, and artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards. You can check out my website and shop at, follow me on Instagram at, or on YouTube at