How to Measure the Value of Developer Relations

Measuring Developer Relations has been a topic of discussion, debate, confusion, and uncertainty for the duration of DevRel’s existence as a discipline. How do we measure Developer Relations?

Over the course of my career leading Developer Relations (from manager to executive roles), I have seen dozens of articles and presentations sharing philosophies for measuring DevRel, or suggestions for hundreds of different metrics to track. However, there are very few resources that tell anyone exactly how to measure Developer Relations in a quantifiable, wholistic sense.

In this article I share my Keystone DevRel Metrics framework to demonstrate how you can measure Developer Relations and also communicate the business value of DevRel to stakeholders.

How to Maximize Value at Tech Conferences (as an Introvert)

This is not a “survival guide.” I considered the title of this post carefully. If all I wanted was for you to simply not die at a tech conference, there are plenty other articles out there for that. This is a post about how you can get the most value out of conferences.